2025年苏塞克斯 reimagines the pioneering spirit of the original purpose of our 大学 but does so for new times and a new generation



设计得与众不同, 菠菜圈论坛有着颠覆性和实验性干预的杰出传统.

We have challenged convention since the 大学’s foundation in 1961. From the campus’ modernist architecture on the edge of a rural national park, to our progressive academics and creative professional services staff, to the inspiring students who choose to learn and 生活 here, to the very tone of the institution and the nature of its conversations, 通过激进主义的表达, 批判性思维和, 有时, 异议.

这是苏塞克斯. 菠菜最新发布论坛敢于与众不同.

今天, 菠菜最新发布论坛的工作人员, 学生和校友们延续着这些传统, 在当地做出了非凡的贡献, 区域, 全国和全球.

2025年苏塞克斯 reimagines the pioneering spirit of the original purpose of the 大学 but does so for new times and a new generation.


菠菜最新发布论坛的五大核心价值观将塑造菠菜最新发布论坛的言行. 菠菜最新发布论坛会支持菠菜最新发布论坛的员工, 为学生和校友们创造一种繁荣而强大的苏塞克斯文化,延续菠菜最新发布论坛颠覆性创造力和创新的传统.

At all times, we will strive for excellence in everything we do. 菠菜最新发布论坛的成功和独特性将通过菠菜最新发布论坛的制度价值来界定, 这些都将支撑菠菜最新发布论坛的教育, 研究及参与活动.


菠菜圈论坛有着实验和创新的悠久传统,这对许多学生的生活产生了真正的影响, and those who benefit from our research and wider endeavours. We will build on these achievements and evolve as a better university, 致力于创造更美好的世界.

Our frame工作 will guide the institution to 2025 and beyond.


In uncertain and changing times we will need to make tough choices if we are to turn our ambitions into reality. 通过朝着共同的愿景努力, 并且理解菠菜最新发布论坛的共同目标, 坚持轻重缓急.



  1. 学会改变
  2. 研究影响
  3. 进行改变
  4. 建立在优势

Based on the vision and aspirations outlined in this frame工作, 菠菜最新发布论坛的学术学院和专业服务部门将制定自己的策略和运作计划,以阐明他们将如何为大学的目标和优先事项作出贡献.



菠菜最新发布论坛的学生将会接受变革, high quality education and learning experience that will allow them to realise the futures that they want. 他们将能够拥抱机遇和挑战, 以自己的方式做出有意义的贡献. Sussex students will develop the knowledge and skills to be critical thinkers, 企业家, 评论员, 公民和社会活动家.

  • 独特的

    菠菜最新发布论坛将先锋, develop and integrate across our on-site and virtual programmes, cutting-edge and creative innovations in educational pedagogy, 学习方法和数字技术. 菠菜最新发布论坛的课程将打破界限, 它将激发学生成为颠覆性的思考者, and it will ignite our students’ critical and entrepreneurial imagination to meet future global challenges.

  • 以学生为中心

    We will embed meaningful student participation in everything that we do. 学生将经常作为伙伴参与他们的学习发展, 在新知识的发现中, 以及影响大学的重大决定. Student input will help to shape the future of our physical estate and the spaces in which they learn, as well as the design of the curriculum and the appointment of academic staff. We will be recognised globally as an inclusive educational community, 扩大参与, 菠菜最新发布论坛的学生和学术团体的多样性是庆祝的,菠菜最新发布论坛的学生的个人需求是尊重和支持通过个性化的, 全面和包容的方法.

  • 数字化先进

    We will be known as a university that is 世界 leading in the development, 智能技术的应用和使用——无论是今天的虚拟现实和增强现实,还是明天的新数字技术. We will use these technologies to enhance student learning, 促进知识创造, aid educational administration and strengthen 大学 governance. Our students will be equipped with enviable levels of digital literacy and competencies in a wide variety of leading-edge technologies, ensuring they are able to challenge and succeed in the 工作place of the future and in a rapidly evolving digital 社会. 菠菜最新发布论坛将利用有针对性的投资和战略伙伴关系来实现这些目标.

  • 增强课程

    菠菜最新发布论坛的学生合作, we will build creative opportunities that enhance their experience, 这也扩展了他们的技能, 信心, competencies and net工作s so that they can imagine every possible future. We will increase the opportunities for students to take placements and paid internships in government, 工业和民间社会组织, 以及作为志愿者参与, 导师和社区组织者. 菠菜最新发布论坛将通过一个新的认证机制来认可这些多样化的经验的价值,以抓住这些和其他贡献, giving students the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their attainments.

  • 世界公民

    菠菜最新发布论坛的学生将会充满信心, 知识和熟练, 有明确的职业选择和真正的机会. They will be ready to be citizens of the 世界 – connected, 参与公民和政治活动, 创业和创新.

  • 幸福

    We will have a nationally recognised programme to promote positive student physical and mental 健康, 和幸福. We will be known as a university that promotes good 健康 和幸福 throughout – and beyond – our students’ education. 菠菜最新发布论坛将有一个完全无障碍的校园, with no areas ‘out of bounds’ to people with impairments or disabilities; we will have appropriate expert mental 健康 services alongside good physical 健康care; our early warning and support systems will be sensitive, 可靠且高度专业.

  • 研究人员

    Our students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies through active engagement with the pressing research questions and challenges of our time. They will enhance their skills by 工作ing independently and collectively on topics of mutual interest and significance. 他们将成为研究小组的成员, 中心, net工作s and initiatives and 工作 alongside academics and doctoral researchers, as well as drawing on wider partnerships beyond the 大学. 这些研究实践者和团队合作的经验将提供宝贵的技能,帮助菠菜最新发布论坛的学生在未来的工作场所和社区中取得成功, 作为未来世界的公民.


通过挑战传统的思维和话语, we will understand and help solve the grand issues of our time

We will reimagine ‘interdisciplinarity’ as a driving force for our research. 这将得到国际认可. 菠菜最新发布论坛的研究将创造新的议程, 贡献新的知识,提供新的想法和解决方案,这将有助于塑造世界. 菠菜最新发布论坛将挑战传统的思维和话语, offering inspiring and creative ways to understand and solve global issues.

  • 卓越

    菠菜最新发布论坛将始终支持和培养菠菜最新发布论坛的研究人员,以表彰和提供卓越的服务. Our mantra will be ‘quality not quantity’ and we will expect researchers to be able to produce 世界-leading 工作. 菠菜最新发布论坛不仅重视学术圈内的研究,也重视学术圈外的研究。, and we will develop the skills and competencies of researchers to maximise the influence and impact of their 工作.

  • 实验

    菠菜最新发布论坛将倡导创造挑战传统智慧的知识的新方法. 扩展研究的边界, we will draw on technological and intellectual advances to build a distinctively Sussex research platform and agenda.

  • 菠菜最新发布论坛的人民

    菠菜最新发布论坛将建立支持机制,以帮助菠菜最新发布论坛的研究人员在整个职业生涯的发展, 正如本科人员, 研究生研究的学生, 博士后研究人员, 早期职业学者和成熟的学术人员. 菠菜最新发布论坛将支持整个研究生命周期, 从基础研究到应用研究, 从最初的想法到实际应用, with appropriate co-production and iteration with our external partners. We will develop leadership and engagement programmes to support all of our research staff and future research leaders.

  • 菠菜最新发布论坛的优势

    We will be recognised for the individuals undertaking 世界-leading enquiry and the strength of our research in key areas. 菠菜圈论坛将扩大这些研究领域,并投资于新兴的卓越领域. 无论在哪里,菠菜最新发布论坛都将继续培育和发展卓越的研究成果. 菠菜最新发布论坛的研究将超越国界, 他们是纪律, 地理, 政治, 部门或文化. 菠菜最新发布论坛会与学术机构合作, 以及学院之外的社区, confronting the grand challenges facing 社会 and the economy – locally, 区域, 全国和全球.

  • 跨学科性

    Building on our pioneering heritage of interdisciplinarity, 菠菜最新发布论坛将重新树立大学的声誉,成为致力于跨学科研究和参与的学者和博士生的首选大学, 对于那些想要超越学科界限去了解他们的世界的学生. 跨学科性 provides creative opportunities to rethink old and emerging challenges in new ways.

    We will re-energise 菠菜最新发布论坛的工作人员 and students to the possibilities of this – to de生活r both greater knowledge and action for change. 为此,菠菜最新发布论坛将支持跨学科研究项目的形成和发展, 基于公认的和新兴的卓越领域和重大的全球挑战的团体和网络.

  • 完整性

    各级的研究工作将达到严格、正直、道德和管理的最高标准. 菠菜最新发布论坛将在一个开放的环境中运作, 无论合适, 为公众利益提供访问和分享菠菜最新发布论坛的研究.

  • 格兰特捕获

    We will support our academics to attract and access the resources needed to undertake ground-breaking research. 菠菜最新发布论坛的项目将发展菠菜最新发布论坛研究人员的能力, 网络和机会最大化他们在获得资助方面的成功——从小额到大额——以及支持他们产生世界领先的研究的雄心.

  • 国际声誉

    菠菜最新发布论坛将提高国际科研合作的数量和质量, 伙伴关系和共同创作, 与世界各地的研究人员合作,共同应对菠菜最新发布论坛都面临的全球性挑战. We will build a greater international profile and reputation as one of the leading research universities in the 世界. Our researchers will be highly regarded for the quality and distinctiveness of their 工作 and for its wider impact.


有联系、有投入、有创业精神、有创造力... 全世界的公民们

菠菜最新发布论坛将被广泛认为是一所参与型大学——与人有目的地互动, 当地的组织和社区, 区域, 国家和国际层面. We will do this so that we can bring benefits to 社会 at large, the economy and to the many individuals who are part of our 世界. Our external engagement will enable greater public understanding of science, 技术, 医学, 健康, 社会, 艺术和人文学科——挑战先见之明,用知识和思想武装人们,为他们的个人和集体选择提供信息. 菠菜最新发布论坛将为民主进程作出贡献, inspiring citizens to be active agents in their own communities. 通过这样做,菠菜最新发布论坛将从菠菜最新发布论坛的伙伴那里学习和收获,就像他们从菠菜最新发布论坛那里收获一样.

  • 精神

    We will embed the ethos and practice of external engagement across all of our academic schools and activities. 菠菜最新发布论坛将与之相连, 受信任的, 并在当地受到菠菜最新发布论坛外部合作伙伴的尊重, 区域, 国家和国际层面. 多元化的个人和团体将与大学更紧密地联系在一起,并从中受益, 菠菜最新发布论坛也会这样, 从更大的访问, 互动与知识交流. 菠菜最新发布论坛会设立发展计划,为学者和专业服务人员提供业界领先的培训,以发展他们的知识, 技能和实践.

  • 社区

    We will be seen as both listening and acting in the local and 区域 interest, 与公共机构合作, charities and civic 社会 to find solutions to economic and social challenges. 菠菜最新发布论坛将在当地社区开展合作项目,切实改善人们的日常生活,帮助菠菜最新发布论坛的合作伙伴解决大大小小的问题. We will be known as an anchor institution that convenes community dialogue and encourages social cohesion. 菠菜最新发布论坛将发展菠菜最新发布论坛的志愿服务计划, with more students and staff making valuable contributions to local communities, 计划和项目, and we will recognise and value these interactions as transformative for individuals and the community.

  • 校友

    With a net工作 of alumni in more than 150 countries around the 世界, 菠菜圈论坛的毕业生是菠菜最新发布论坛最好的大使,是菠菜最新发布论坛价值观和知识的化身. 建立在他们的温暖之上, 忠诚和承诺, we will create new engagement opportunities that drive and encourage increased involvement with their alma mater. We will establish an ambitious programme to include our alumni and supporters more extensively and effectively in our local, 国内和国际事务. 菠菜最新发布论坛将借鉴他们的经验, 专业知识和网络, to broaden our engagement activities and to widen our influence and impact. 菠菜最新发布论坛的校友和支持者将与菠菜最新发布论坛一起塑造萨塞克斯大学的未来,并将是使萨塞克斯大学成为一个伟大和持久的机构的核心.

  • 文化

    菠菜最新发布论坛将使用爱登堡创意艺术中心, 城堡和菠菜最新发布论坛的众多资产与当地社区建立更广泛、更深入的合作关系, 创意文化产业. 城堡的藏品, 包括菠菜最新发布论坛的特别收藏和大众观察档案提供了无与伦比的地区和国家历史和社会文化的记录. 这些资产将被用来激发创新, 跨学科的世界级教学和学习, 利用创造性的方法和新兴的技术来建立菠菜最新发布论坛的教学方法. They will enhance our research, attracting grants and prestige partnerships. 通过爱登堡创意艺术中心, 菠菜最新发布论坛将带来世界顶尖的艺术家, 思想家和破坏者来到大学展示他们的作品,并将其融入菠菜圈论坛.

  • 业务

    菠菜最新发布论坛将嵌入商业参与, 创新与企业活动, 解决政府的产业战略及其继承者的相关部分. These activities will support productivity improvement and will be supported by well-regarded business engagement staff, 与整个大学合作,加速和最大化菠菜最新发布论坛的商业和工业活动. 菠菜最新发布论坛将帮助和支持学者利用这些机会和合作,实现互利. 苏塞克斯创新中心将成为领先的创新和技术中心. 这将是菠菜最新发布论坛加强商业化的一个渠道, 业务参与和知识交流活动. 菠菜最新发布论坛将扩大菠菜最新发布论坛独特的Catalyst项目,将学生与商业和工业联系起来. This will complement their studies and 大学 experiences, providing them with stronger career opportunities while growing the institution’s net工作s and reputation.

  • 国际

    菠菜最新发布论坛将创建一个国际领导力项目,表彰和奖励那些参与流动和跨文化意识活动的学生. 启用该, we will develop a model that will allow more students to engage in having an international experience, 无论是在国内还是海外. 这将融入菠菜最新发布论坛的课程, as well as extending to opportunities with overseas partners – bringing our students together with students from across the globe. 另外, 菠菜最新发布论坛会制定计划,增加员工的国际流动机会, 确保有令人兴奋和可持续的方式,让同事在他们的学术和专业工作中与合作伙伴和机构联系. 菠菜最新发布论坛将创建新的, 创新, 全球研究中心, 教学, blended learning and executive education can be de生活red and that strengthen our international reach and reputation.



菠菜最新发布论坛将重新设计菠菜最新发布论坛的流程, 架构和管治,特别注重人力资源的核心专业服务, IT, 金融和地产. Sussex will be known in the higher education sector for its agility, 效率, effectiveness and care in enhancing and de生活ring our academic vision, 策略和优先级. We will have a confident and agile academic and administrative 工作force, 哪些机构了解自己在落实大学的重点和取得物有所值的成果方面所扮演的角色.

  • 人的

    菠菜最新发布论坛的教职员和学生将会认可这所院校是一个重视员工的机构 它最大的资产. 菠菜最新发布论坛要凝聚人民力量,创造伟大成果. Our staff will be supported to do their best 教学 and research, and our students will be empowered as partners in their education. Exceptional 教学 and research contributions will be rewarded equally. 菠菜最新发布论坛的专业服务人员的工作将得到支持,并会受到院校内部和业界的尊重. Our alumni will be engaged actively in the life and 工作 of the 大学, 支持学生, 成为大学的大使, 并为参与和共同利益做出自己独特的贡献.

  • 员工的发展

    Strategic and competency-based frame工作s will support the professional and personal development of all of our people. 这将帮助他们定义自己的职业生涯,并以一种最好地将自己的目标与学校或部门的目标相一致的方式管理自己的抱负. 采用以人为本的包容方法, 菠菜最新发布论坛将坚定在所有活动中维护平等尊重的承诺. 成功的学生将会得到认可和奖励,菠菜最新发布论坛会建立一种模式,对所有支持大学教育的工作一视同仁, 研究和参与目标.

  • 平等和多样性

    菠菜最新发布论坛将采取大胆行动,减少不平等,促进多样性和良好关系. 菠菜最新发布论坛将改造大学,使菠菜最新发布论坛的校园社区拥有全面包容的体验, 提供一种环境,人们可以实现他们的抱负和潜力. 菠菜最新发布论坛将以平易近人的态度、关怀的态度和灵活的方式来实现这一目标.

  • 数字基础设施

    We will establish a powerful and robust digital 基础设施, supporting our students in their education and learning; academics with their 教学; researchers in their pursuit of new knowledge, engagement and impact; and our professional services in the de生活ry of our priorities. We will have a technological 基础设施 in place that distinguishes us as a leading institution in digital transformation. We will partner with leading organisations to build a digital campus fit for the 21st century; pioneering the use of smart technologies and other leading-edge innovations; championing the use of automated, immersive and experiential techniques; using state-of-the-art energy provision to dramatically reduce our impact on the natural environment.

  • 骄傲的

    菠菜最新发布论坛将更自信地利用菠菜最新发布论坛的位置和位置,作为一个位于苏塞克斯惊人的南唐斯国家公园边缘的乡村校园, 靠近大海和活力四射的菠菜社区论坛 & 抛. 菠菜最新发布论坛的骄傲在原地, 以及菠菜最新发布论坛对当地参与的承诺, 将大学定位为一个独特的学习空间, 生活, 工作, thrive and revive – a creative community built on enabling, 赋权和关怀的价值观.

  • 房地产

    A high-quality estate will attract students and staff to Sussex. 菠菜最新发布论坛会完成下一阶段的遗产计划, 已经建造了2个以上,000间新卧室给菠菜最新发布论坛的学生, new 教学 and 研究机构 and a student services centre. 除了, 菠菜最新发布论坛将增加校园内外学习空间的数量和质量. We will focus on core facilities to support the student experience, especially around the activities housed in our heritage and residential estate. Sussex’s new estate strategy will clearly articulate the ten-year rolling programme of capital developments, 以及庄园周围的野心和挑战, 促进适当和及时的发展和革新,以实现菠菜最新发布论坛的学术重点. 菠菜最新发布论坛专注于提供高性价比的核心服务, to a high standard and in an environmentally sustainable way, 将是众所周知的.

  • 再投资

    大学拥有强大的商业模式,寻求在现有项目和基础设施的改善与对新活动和人员的投资之间取得平衡. We will seek to increase resilience and capacity by diversifying income sources and increasing our de生活ry 效率. 这样做, we will aim to enable more ambitious investment into our education offering, 研究机构, 基础设施, 人员和财产. 菠菜最新发布论坛会增加盈余,以确保菠菜最新发布论坛能投资于大学的未来,并在经济和行业更广泛的变化中更具弹性.

  • 领导

    菠菜最新发布论坛将嵌入“苏塞克斯领袖”的模型, which exemplifies the values and behaviours that are expected of all those in leadership roles at Sussex. This will foster and facilitate greater trust and devolution. 使用这个模型, we will develop our leadership competencies at all levels, 确保员工了解自己的风格,并能使他们适应不同的情况,以激励和激励他们的团队. 菠菜最新发布论坛会让员工在职业生涯的早期就做好领导角色的准备,让他们拥有必要的深度和广度的经验,以承担更大的责任. Significant steps will be taken to achieve greater diversity among our leaders. 菠菜最新发布论坛的领导理念是拥抱合作, 信任和合作是菠菜最新发布论坛未来成功的关键.

  • 庆祝活动

    在发展菠菜最新发布论坛的教育、研究和参与活动时,菠菜最新发布论坛将确保这一点 菠菜最新发布论坛庆祝和利用这些成功——与菠菜最新发布论坛的网络和利益相关者广泛分享这些成功. Good news and success fuels positive energy and further achievement. 菠菜最新发布论坛将建立鼓舞人心的故事,为菠菜最新发布论坛的社区和不同群体注入活力, 并灌输信任的价值观, 开放和透明. Our engagements will be two-way – a conversation that matters.

如果有那么一段时间 伟大的大学 站在一边,这不是问题所在.